MacOS X WAS Re: [PD] Re: Gaining access to /usr/local/lib/pd/extra in the Finder?

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Thu Apr 8 20:07:59 CEST 2004

On Thursday, Apr 8, 2004, at 12:47 America/New_York, 0001 wrote:

> hi
>> The uPDated package does have a double-clickable .app package, but I  
>> would not say that it conforms to the MacOS X way.  First off, when  
>> it launches, there are two icons, one for the Platypus system that it  
>> uses with a Pd icon, and one for the Wish Shell with the standard  
>> Wish Shell icon.  This is actually more confusing than just having  
>> the Wish Shell icon running because clicking on the Pd icon doesn't  
>> take you to Pd, but just the launcher, which seems to do nothing once  
>> Wish Shell is running.
> I have this fixed now, I'll upload it soon, it's still hacky although,  
> it is done by killing one of the processes in the script ;)
>> Plus, Pd is still labeled "Wish" once its running.
> and this is not fixed

Its not hard to fix IIRC, I think you just change then name of the app  
in the Info.plist that is in the Wish

>>  It also suffers from MacOS X not wanting to show the /doc/ directory.
> oop, this  should be fixed in the version on the server

How did you fix this?

>> The AppMain.tcl script is the way things need to be done in order to  
>> have Pd behave like a MacOS X application.
> you're right, but I couldn't figure how to doit the wavesurfer way  
> without modifying the pd source.

I think there is a quick hack which might work, which is launching a  
.term file from AppMain.tcl to open a terminal in  The  
console can either stay in the window, or it could just  
launch Pd with a built-in console.

> The paltypus way has its advantages:
> * you can switch your pd version without recompiling (s long as it  
> works with your tcl/tk)
> * you can do stuff in the startup script. The new version has a quite  
> cool feature: it scans directories recursively, so that you can  
> install externals, abstractons, libraries and help files via drag and  
> drop :)

I think in the short term, the Platypus way is fine.  But I think for  
the long run, we should figure out AppMain.tcl and get in as part of Pd.

>>> ...I plan on making a standalone app the "platypus" way, kinda like  
>>> a "tigital distro", with gem and stuff I use...
>> How about working with me to include Gem/etc in the standard distro?   
>> Having one working distro would be much better than three  
>> half-working distros.
> one thing that could be nice is doing a "visual" pd distro with gem,  
> pdp and gridflow all together : O

It would be nice to have all of the code out there that people have  
written for Pd in a distro (as long as its manageable, of course).



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