[PD] am i alone with rtx troubles?

--//-- schwarz at gen-control.com
Fri Apr 9 18:08:01 CEST 2004

At 15:39 09.04.2004, you wrote:

>actually i think this is the real problem: how many gb of ram do you have
>installed ?
>if you want to do rtx with DV-quality (let's assume PAL: 720x576)
>the object will have to allocate 720 frames.
>this means: 720x720x576 pixels;
>now, the default colourspace is RGBA which means that you will need about 
>ram just for storing the rtx-buffer (besides your system)
>possible solutions: try [pix_yuv]/[pix_grey] to reduce memory about a 
>factor of

oh -- sorry maybe its really like that

right now i just tried it on my new notebook (only 512mb....)
last time (as it worked out i did it on my desktop (but it also has only 1 gig)
so maybe it worked there because of better busses or anything...
or i just had luck....
i will try it again with deskthing...

sorry (i knew that it needs much ram(but didn`t know that it needs that much))

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