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Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
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Le 24 Avril 2004 17:01, Mathieu Bouchard a écrit :
> If more time were spent developing business models, free-software would
> be much more commonplace and pervasively developed/used than it is now.

Successful business model are possible when people share similar values, so 
we tend to amplify values with the lowest common denominators and reducing 
important values to fit the largest possible audience.

One business solution is to sell "products", because everybody understand 
that model.  Strangely enough, some people prefer to buy Gnu/Linux 
distributions in a shrinkwrap box filled with air and accompanied by a 
small installation booklet.

Maybe work done for PD could be shrinkwrapped, with lots of usefull bells 
and whistles, but I believe a service model would be better suited, since 
the PD community prefer to use free (both as in beer and speech) resources.

> Ethics are more often respected when the rules are not too difficult to
> apply.

Sadly, ethic is considered when its application is very confortable and its 
precepts easy to forget without causing too much damages. Instant 
gratification, both material and spiritual, are usually good sellers.
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