[PD] matching lists/arrays

Tina Shah surreal8 at hotmail.com
Tue May 2 02:06:39 CEST 2006

hello list, i have a list of lists - floats/arrays (x y z) using 
datastructures.  i'd like to compare incoming data of 3 floats with my list 
items (x1, y1, z1/x2, y2, z2, etc.).  if it matches one of the list items, 
i'd like to perform an action specific to the list item it matches. i've 
been trying to start this with the select object but it's not accepting a 
list as an arguement, eventually i want to have all the list items as 
arguements to compare with.  i've been trying to search for an answer 
reading through the archives but i'm getting quite confused.  it seems 
pretty simple, just can't figure it out though...  i'd appreciate any 
clues...  i'm attaching something i've been trying with the element object 
help file, it might give a better idea...



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