[PD] How to remove duplicate elements from a list???

David Powers cyborgk at gmail.com
Wed May 3 19:56:59 CEST 2006


Is there a way to remove duplicate elements for a list? I can figure out how
to do it in code, but trying to figure out a way to do this with lists just
makes my head hurt.

I want to do Boulez-style pitch-set multiplication with lists, and typically
after such an operation, duplicate elements are removed.

I already made an abstraction called "Schoenberg" which I will post shortly,
which allows one to do basic serial operations using lists (ie.
transposition, retrograde, inversion, and rotation, all using one simple
abstraction). I know that serialism has been out of style for 40 years, but
nevertheless those methods make a lot of sense to have available, if one is
making nontonal generative/aleatoric music.

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