[PD] Hardware suggestions for museum installation

Frank Ekeberg H. frankh at notam02.no
Thu May 4 18:06:55 CEST 2006

I need to put together a computer system for a multimedia 
installation at a museum. The system needs to play back two 
simultaneous, full-screen, 60 minute video projections (video format 
not decided yet) with a four-channel, 60 minute sound track (source 
is 24-bit/48kHz). This piece will run continuously six days a week 
for four months. I am thinking pd could be up for the task. I have 
used pd for audio work, but never for video, so I need some advice - 
particularly hardware ideas for now, as I am building the computer 
from scratch.

Can anyone advise on minimum CPU speed for this kind of playback. 
Will a dual-CPU system be an advantage when playing back several 
media streams simultaneously (if I need to run more than one 
instance of pd)? Perhaps harddrive speed (and number of harddrives) 
is more crucial?

I have a dual-head Matrox G400 graphics card. Would this be capable 
of playing back two different full-screen videos? If not, any other 

The system will be running Linux with only the minimum of necessary 
software to run the installation. Of practical reasons, the computer 
needs to be rack mounted. I am thinking a 4U cabinet to ensure air 
flow without too much noise. I will probably use a Delta 1010 sound 
card, since the breakout box can be easily rack mounted and it is 
well supported on Linux.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Frank Ekeberg

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