[PD] Hardware suggestions for museum installation

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu May 4 19:28:53 CEST 2006

Sounds like you're on the right track hardware-wise. I don't know if a 
dual processor would give you any benefit over just having a decent 
single one. I've done stuff like this a bit with PDP, since you can 
specify multiple displays. Mplayer or VeeJay would also do this with 
less overhead. Your dual-head video card should be sufficient so long as 
dual-head is supported, otherwise you could get an extra PCI video card 
and do it with that one.  Skip Gnome or KDE and use Black/Fluxbox or 
LarsWm for even more efficiency. Could Mplayer run without X? That would 
be even more interesting ;-)

Another option would be to hardwire the "Start" button of two DVD 
players together so that they synch-start (if synch is needed), and use 
the surround outputs for discreet audio channels.

Good luck!

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