[PD] dynamic inlet abstraction

Enrique Erne pd at mild.ch
Sat May 6 15:23:32 CEST 2006

hi federico

attached a solution with namecanvas. apparently [namecanvas] is 
obsolete (according to the help file) but i think it does a pretty good 
job here. anyway.

i removed the connection part because i was to lazy to do that.

cheers eni

On May 6, 2006, at 2:35 PM, Federico wrote:
>> hi,
>> I am trying to build a dynamic abstraction (oscbank~ <n>).
>> don't know if this is possible.
>> I created this (attached) patch, and get stack overflow when I create 
>> the oscbank~ object.
> OK, I got the patch working (see attachment).
> now you can instantiate an [oscbank~ 10] object, and have 10 osc~s 
> inside an abstraction wich has 10 inlet~ and 1 outlet~.
> if you create a second instance of oscbank~ some unpredictable result 
> happens, because sending messages to the pd-oscbank~.pd window, would 
> send msgs to ALL instances.
> how do I make those changes be local to ONE instance?

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