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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sun May 7 16:06:50 CEST 2006

On May 6, 2006, at 4:17 PM, João Miguel Pais wrote:

> Hi,
> I am now changing from pd "normal" to pd "extended" (latest test3)  
> on windows, and wanted to report some things:
> - /bin/pthreadVC.dll was missing - pd started anyway after  
> complaining. I copied the file from the previous installation and  
> everything was fine.

I recently created the Pd-extended category in the bug tracker.   
Please add bugs like this there so they can be more easily tracked.

> - scale gem/maxlib clash (on a separate thread)

Gem is still a multi-object/single-file object, so it still has the  
old name clash issues.  But you can always use [maxlib/scale] to get  
that object.

> - I'm used to having a .bat file for different configurations of pd  
> (different sound cards, etc.), so I find the registry parameters  
> not so flexible - in pd you can only "officially" set 10 paths/ 
> libraries. I deleted all variables from the registry, as I won't  
> use them. Maybe a handy feature would be not just a more flexible/ 
> dynamic tcl/tk menu with all options there, not just a flag field,  
> but also the possibility to save different configurations: pd - 
> preset 1 ? It's always possible to do different .bat files, but it  
> would maybe cleaner that way (?).

The preference panes sorely need to be rewritten to make them work  
better.  GUI control over pref presets would be quite nice.  Also,  
Path and Lib lists with no length limit are important too.  Any  
volunteers?  Ideally, these pref panes would be Pd patches that talk  
to the core process to do the actual interfacing with the OS.

> - as usual, I keep an updated 0.INTRO.txt file. I will try to  
> update it to pd-ext asap, and leave a copy on my pured.org page  
> (might take a while)
> - the following dlls from unauthorized couldn't be loaded:  
> playlist, sonogram~*, stk*~

They need to be ported again to Windows.  Carmen did the port a while  
back, but the ported versions were mistakenly overwritten.  To get  
them working again, its a matter of comparing the two most recent  
versions in CVS and putting the Windows porting stuff into the latest  
version.  Any volunteers?

> - in /doc/4.audio are all available .pd files there? In my other  
> version they went to K06, here only to G09
> - the following externals couldn't be found: bartlett~, blackman~,  
> connes~, cosine~, gaussian~, hanning~, hamming~, kaiser~, lanczos~,  
> welch~, bthresher~, buzz~, the fftease library for pd, cverb~, exp~  
> (from gge?)

Those look like the Windowing objects from Joe Sarlo.  Joe doesn't  
maintain his code in CVS, so they haven't been included.  We could  
import his code to include them.  Any volunteers?

> - is there any option to define the start position of the pd window?

Don't think so, except editing pd.tk perhaps.  It wouldn't be so hard  
to do.


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