[PD] Pd-style executable

carmen ix at replic.net
Mon May 8 01:09:44 CEST 2006

> Think this could work?  I am thinking something like .jar format.

considering one can already bundle code libraries in the same directory as patches/abstractions, what advantage does a format like .jar provide to offset the annoyance of having something to decompress when you want to start mucking with it?

> I had a thought recently: if we treat Pd like Java, ie like a framework to be installed, then all we need to do is make a nice cross-platform app 
> packaging format.  To make this work, we'd need to have file associations working.  They already work beautifully on Mac OS X, and basically work 
> on Windows (but every double-click opens a new instance of Pd).

i'd hate to have 10 copies of maxlib just because it was in a .jar, or 30 copies of pthreadVC.dll. but those are facts of life on an OS whose idea of packaging is "click setup and click 'next' 10 times" or "search the web, download a disk image, decompress a disk image, copy something off a disk image, unmount the disk image, delete the disk image"..

> If there was a format were you could bundle all needed files into a double-clickable file format, then it would work much like an app as long as 
> you have Pd installed.

im definitely for the idea of smarter package management. but i dont htink .jar is the solution. perhaps mapping the gige/hcs namespace to a webservice so one can go to http://pure-data.info/library/osc/route/ and there are your binaries in subdirs like i386-linux/ mac-x86/, online docs, etc... 

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