Pd social aspects (Re: [PD] PDDP meeting?)

geiger geiger at xdv.org
Mon May 8 12:29:05 CEST 2006

On Mon, 8 May 2006, Chris McCormick wrote:
> people have just let the patches languish. One of the ones that makes me
> sad is your tool tips patch - how cool it would be if inlets had tooltips!

Yeah, I liked them too :) It is more a question of limited time and
motivation. I just have too many branches of Pd related work going on
which are not finished. I still think the patch is worth something, as
people can see what it needs to implement such a feature, and there is
an explanation by Miller how to do it correctly, without changing
the pd base class.

There are other things that I would like to see, like a "debug cursor",
where you can go to every outlet with the cursor and just listen to what
is coming out and/or print it automatically to the console.

Actually the features tracker would be the right place to put these ideas,
maybe someone finds the time to implement them.


> > > he includes patches when time permits and also explains why he doesn't
> > > include others.
> >
> > I haven't found his explanations to be always particularly explaining, and
> > I don't expect them to always be, but there are some biggies for which his
> > explanations were even more disconcerting than the lack thereof.
> Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton often drop patches completely
> silently. Andrew Morton gave a really good explanation of why this is
> neccesary at Linux.conf.au a couple of years back. It's the right of
> the "benevolent dictator" to accept or reject submissions for whatever
> reason. And it's the right of the developer to fork if they don't like
> the direction the mainline is going in. It's also their right to be too
> busy to explain things, though as we see with Pd this might discourage
> some people from contributing.
> Perhaps it is reactions to his "disconcerting explanations" that is
> putting him off from giving more detailed explanations? Who knows. My
> point all along has been that a little bit of politeness and respect can
> go a long way.
> > I don't mean just the patch submission system, I also mean discussions
> > that lead potential patch submitters to decide whether submitting patches
> > is worth doing.
> Yeah, it seems like Miller doesn't always indicate the development
> direction he is going in, and if he did that it might help things
> along. This could be because he isn't employed by someone like the
> OSDL and is pretty busy as a researcher. Then again, there are a heap
> of tasks in the TODO file which people seem to be ignoring and working
> on other stuff instead, often stuff that is quite perpendicular to the
> development direction of Pd main.
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> Chris.
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