[PD] Pd stuck at launching on Terminal

Sylvain Le Beux slebeux at limsi.fr
Wed May 10 16:57:30 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I have been installing Pd 0.39.2 from the src files (from MSP home) on 
Mac OS X and everything just work fine for compiling but as I try to 
launch the 'pd ' command in a terminal, it seems to get stuck and 
nothing happens...
I am then ought to stop execution by a double Ctrl+c command during 
which some closing messages (whereas nothing before) appear. Here's 
exactly what I get on Terminal window :

kecak:/Applications/pd-0.39-2/src slebeux$ pd
(1rst Ctrl+C)*
^CPd: signal 2
Pd: signal 2
closing audio...
closing MIDI...
closing audio...
... done.
kecak:/Applications/pd-0.39-2/src slebeux$ closing MIDI...
... done.
*(2nd Ctrl+C)*

kecak:/Applications/pd-0.39-2/src slebeux$ 

Has anyone an idea of what going wrong ? Any help appreciated.
(And, of course, do not advise me to get binaries : I want to be able to 
run it from Terminal after compiling)

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