[PD] cyclone prepend crash

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed May 10 17:53:52 CEST 2006

Marius Schebella hat gesagt: // Marius Schebella wrote:

> Frank Barknecht schrieb:
> >Why not use the builtin
> >
> > [list prepend $1]
> > |
> > [list trim]
> 1) oh, it?s a new!

[list] is *the* new thing in Pd 0.39 plus the new GOP handling.

> 2) backwards compatibility.

And maybe also to be able to use RRADical, which I still haven't
adopted to make use of Pd 0.39's new features. 

> 3) other cyclone objects also crash (my) pd: buddy, fromsymbol, funnel, 
> grab, prob, pv, substitute, tosymbol, universal, xbendin/xbendout, 
> xnotein, zl

I'd suppose you try recompiling. I can confirm that Cyclone objects do
run without changes in Pd-0.39 generally, at least on Linux.

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