[PD] memory with native objects

patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Wed May 10 23:42:53 CEST 2006

   next step in my crusader for replacing externals
  with native objects will be about replacing memento with ssad,
  textfile for this stuff is obviously necessary,
  thank you, Frank,  for this great work.
  I keep on saying that using a message box is more usefull
  for fixed memory settings,
   like in the GOP menu patch submitted before,
  than being in need of a textfile.
  Any memory used for things that doesn't need
  to be saved under a preset, have absolutely no reason
  to be in an external file, it's irrelevant.
  If it's relevant, but I don't see how it is.
  Anyone knows a trick for replacing zexy/drip, and ggee/concat with internal objects?

Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org> a écrit :
I would really recommend to take a look at [sssad]: For a simple
general purpose state saving it is much more flexible than the
solutions above and still only uses builtin objects (with pd 0.39).

if you use various [textfile]s to do the actual state management with
sssad or if you wouldn't mind to access the harddisk with
preset-switching it even allows storing different presets, not just a
"snapshot" of the current state of things, which is the original
motivation of [sssad]. I attached a little example how to do this.

Here I would recommend to use a [textfile] instead of the message box.
It's quicker than changing the message box all the time, and the
messages to [textfile] are very similar to those you send to a message


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