[PD] Gem, blocked pipes on OSX

carmen ix at replic.net
Fri May 12 00:37:10 CEST 2006

> both versions have meed performing very poorly
> the older version perform just as bad
> the whole machine stutters (Finder as well as PD)
> It appears as the machine is freezing up
> like the pipes are blocked.

these are all known issues. Mac OS X is 2-5 times slower than linux for IPC, syscalls, thread process and socket creation, and additionaly has extremely course locking for IO and network operations which causes stuttering and poor performance all around..

for more reading on this, see: 

> Is there anything I can do to fix it?

install Linux. Gentoo and Ubuntu are nice choices. on a PPC mac, YellowDog is also well pre-tweaked and supported for the hardware...

or hang in there and hope apple seriously reworks their kernel in 10.6.. maybe porting their IOKit to FreeBSD or Linux..theres a chance of this now that Avie has resigned (if he even cared about keeping the old architecture at this point).

> In General 10.4.6 is really shit, and Im not allowed to downgrade to 10.4.5. Any suggestions are WELCOME!

i hear you. i was a mac user for all of my life ever since being in awe of Brickles on a SE/30 in 5th grade and an Apple user since my generous grandparents bought me and my brother an Apple //gs in the late 80s but had to switch to commodity PC hardware running win32 and linux when OSX came out, due to the huge performance loss and no real usability gain of OSX, not to mention paying twice the market rate for hardware for the privilege of this...

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