[PD] list of various length to any receiver

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat May 13 11:20:52 CEST 2006

Enrique Erne hat gesagt: // Enrique Erne wrote:

> thank you carmen and frank for your fast reply!!!!!

Btw: Another solution, which I generally prefer to use, is to keep a
fixed send/receive name, but add a [route] after the receiver.
Basically the idiom for this is: 

  [1 abc(
  | [2 x y z(
  [s $0-CONNECT]
  [r $0-CONNECT]
  [route 1 2]
  |      |
  "abc"  "x y z"  

This also works great with abstractions, if you "tag" them with an
argument and use [route $x] inside the abstraction.


 [r $2-CONNECT]
 [route $1]
 "do something"

and use it as: 

 [choose 1 $0]
 [choose 2 $0]
 [choose 3 $0]
 [choose /by_name $0]

This approach is at the base of RRADical/Memento and also used in my
[sssad] abstractions.

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