[PD] syncgrain linking problem

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Mon May 15 21:14:06 CEST 2006

Hallo Thomas, Frank !

Now I need to get syncgrain~ working again ... ;)

> The SNDOBJ variable in config.txt should point to the source package, 
> where header files and the built library are in subfolders. I think it 

it should point to /path/to/SndObj/include/
so flext compiles ...

I also recompiled syncgrain, but I still get the same error:

/usr/lib/pd/extra/syncgrain~.pd_linux: undefined symbol: _ZTI6SndObj
c++filt _ZTI6SndObj
typeinfo for SndObj

Maybe the problem is somewhere else ?

Many thanks,

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