[PD] Compiling msd* with gcc 4

Andrew Johnston aj at it.uts.edu.au
Tue May 16 02:40:29 CEST 2006

hi Thomas,
You are completely correct.  I can't explain why, but when I ran a 'cvs 
update' on my checked-out copy of msd it appeared to work as usual but 
did not actually update.  A completely fresh checkout had the updated 
msd.h as you describe which is compiling just fine.  I suspect this may 
have something to do with Sourceforge moving the CVS repository to 
pure-data.cvs.sourceforge.net (instead of cvs.sourceforge.net)??

Anyway, thanks again and sorry it was such a mundane matter!


Thomas Grill wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> obviously your cvs checkout is not up to date:
> The last lines should be
> #define MSD(NAME,CLASS,N) \
> typedef msdN<N> CLASS; \
> template<> FLEXT_NEW_V(NAME,CLASS)
> which fixes the compilation problem.
> greetings,
> Thomas

Andrew Johnston

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