[PD] sending pd-announce to pd-list

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue May 16 11:34:10 CEST 2006

carmen wrote:
>>>>> subscribe the entire pd-list to pd-announce (so all announcements go to pd-list and thus to all pd-list subscribees) AND disable the direct 
>>>>> delivery of pd-announce for all those addresses that are also subscribed to pd-list.
> some users might have set up a filter to throw announce messages in a seperate folder, via procmail or gmail's 'labels' based on from/to:pd-announce; sending announces to the user list in addition, (but sending an additional one if the user subscribes to announce explicitly) would be my vote.

that is quite how i imagined it.

basically the way to go is: subscribe pd-list to pd-announce; set the 
members of pd-list to no-mail in pd-announce (so they receive the 
announcement mails via pd-list) (yes i am repeating myself)

i am not sure whether existing filters will still work (depends on how 
they are set up; e.g. filtering by "[pd-announce] in the subject might 
still work while filtering via the "List-Id:"-header field might break; 
i'll test this before switching)

otoh, these filters did not work either with people cross-posting to 
both lists (well: something did go to your pd-announce-folder but not 

my proposal is just to migrate pd-announce to a subset of pd-list: 
disabling an accounts delivery state can of course be undone by each 
user if they prefer to receive the mails directly via pd-announce. also, 
new members (this is: members to be) of pd-announce will not be affected 
at all by this change. (if they are not subscribed to pd-list too)

the only remaining question for me is, whether i should disable _all_ 
members of pd-list in pd-announce or just those who have actually 
_enabled_ mail-delivery.

i apologize for all this rather tiresome stuff.


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