[PD] division with remainder

Sciss contact at sciss.de
Tue May 16 11:34:10 CEST 2006

that would be really confusing IMO, because generally pd doesn't  
distinguish between ints and floats, so in max you'll have to  
explicitly write [+ 0.] or [+ 0] which is not applicable to pd. by  
introducing this technique to pd, people would possibly think that pd  
_does_ make a difference.

Am 16.05.2006 um 01:08 schrieb Fredrik Olofsson:

> couldn't [%] be changed to work as in max then?  let the init  
> argument decide whether to fmod or not.  so [% 0.125] would be  
> floating modulo and [% 2] plain integer.  that should not break  
> anything.
> _f

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