[PD] object name in GOP abstraction

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed May 17 20:11:48 CEST 2006

Federico hat gesagt: // Federico wrote:

> I have a problem: must create a small graph-on-parent abstraction.
> but I can't keep it small, because the object name and it's creation 
> arguments enlarge the effective graph size.
> so if I set 20x20px as GOP size, but the object instance is:
> [myobj $0 foo bar 0 0 0 1]
> the instantiated object is too wide.

As much as I grew fond of the fixed-width font used in Pd over the
years, this issue has plagued me in the past as well. And in the
present, too, because to my knowledge there is no trick to avoid it

I agree very much that being able to hide all or the overflowing part
of a GOP abstraction's name and arguments would be a very nice
feature. (It would for example allow custom wrappers for [vslider]
that still could be arranged neatly.)

But additionally I would also suggest to have something similar the
other way around: If you have a GOP abstraction, where e.g. a [cnv]
object overlaps with the abstraction's name, the name and args
currently are invisible even when trying to edit the arguments.
Because of this, all my GOP abstractions leave the upper ~15px free
from any [cnv] objects.

So my suggestion would be to always show the abstractions name, if in
Edit Mode and if the object is selected for editing. Hiding any
overflowing letters could be made an option in the Canvas properties
of the GOP abstraction then, so everyone is happy.

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