[PD] Standalone app, ID3 tagging, classification.

David Plans Casal main at davidcasal.com
Wed May 17 18:58:43 CEST 2006

Hello all,

I need to build a sound file batch processing application which will  
do the following:

	a) Perform BPM detection and classification (from verySlow or  
Adagio, to veryFast or Prestissimo, in 3 points)
	b) Amplitude classification (from verySoft to veryLoud in 3 points)
	c) Tag soundfiles with ID3 tags that contain the information gleaned  
above (that, or use MPEG7 xml if pressed).

The user has to be able to open the tool, throw a directory of sound  
files (wav or mp3) at it, and have the tool tag them with something  
like '

I've so far considered building this tool using something like FMOD  
or Snack (but my C++ and TCL aren't that good), and I've looked at  
Schreier's paper and Beatroot, but it seems to me that these problems  
have been tackled in PD before, although I've never tried to build a  
completely standalone PD application...I seem to remember GRiPD and  
some other efforts, but the mailing list archives aren't helping me  
very much, AFAICT.

So; any advice on beat (tempo) detection, rough power amplitude  
classification, and how to build standalone PD apps?

All hints welcome.

Thank you!


David Plans Casal
Researcher, UEA Studios
d.casal at uea dot ac dot uk

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