[PD] value object

Peter Plessas plessas at sbox.tugraz.at
Fri May 19 19:22:09 CEST 2006

Hi again,

same thing here with pd-0.93-2,
when i use the help patch for [value] and change/bang the first number 
box, the second [value] object (with identical name) should output this 
number right?

Perhaps because i am on powerpc?


IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> Peter Plessas wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>here on Pd version 0.39-1test1, the value object doesn't share it's
>>value with other value objects of identical name.
>>Anyone else seen this?
> no never, though i admit i haven't tried 0.39-1test1
> however i can confirm that it works on 0.39-0, 0.39-2 and 0.40-0test01
> (current CVS).
> do you have any good reason to stick to an outdated test-release?
> fmad.r
> IOhannes

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