[PD] tabwrite bug?

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sun May 21 12:12:58 CEST 2006

hi wade

using [line] won't help, since you cannot be sure, that it hits every 
integer in the desired range, when you move the slider fast ennough; same 
problem with [line~] and [snapshot~]. also is this soltution not a good one, 
because you are firing much more messages than really necessary, when moving 
the slider slowly (or not moving at when all using [line~]). to make sure, 
that you 'trigger' every cursor-position of the [tabwrite] exactly once, you 
would need a counter that counts in steps of 1 to the next position of the 


"thewade" <pdman at aproximation.org> wrote:

>> On Sat, 20 May 2006, thewade wrote:
>>> I think the problem is not gui refresh rate, provided I understand the
>>> situation corectly. Objects without the tilde (~) in them work at a
>>> slower rate then the signal rate objects - the tilde objects.
>> That's not the problem either. There are two problems: first, the refresh
>> rate of the mouse is not fine enough to have the mouse really visit
>> contiguous pixels; second, the gui refresh rate slows down Tcl/Tk, such
>> that Tcl/Tk may get several mouse events in a burst if one screen refresh
>> takes too long, and I suppose that Tcl/Tk keeps only the most recent one.
> Yes, that is what I thought at first too, but then I built a patch to
> see if I was right. I know that a 100 pixel wide slider with a value
> range of 0-200 will only return values for 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. but
> using line should fix that simple problem, shoudn't it? But it doesnt.
> (see attached patch if you want.)
> I even tried using a [metro 1] attached to a [snapshot~] and used
> [line~] but that was silly because that is actually slower then just
> using [line].
> As I understand it [line] is not a tcl/tk object but a PD object and it
> should do the interpolation that the hslider doesn't, except [line]
> works at samplerate/blocksize rate and so information gets skipped.
> I haven't actually looked at the PD code so I might be talking out of
> my arse, but I have hooked a [line] (not [line~]) object up to a
> signalrate object as an envelope and heard the popping, and I have
> worked with Csound that also has control rate and sample rate 'objects'.
> -thewade


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