[PD] delay a gem-list

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Mon May 22 00:10:14 CEST 2006

On 5/21/06, sven <ml.sven at subscience.de> wrote:
> At 21:30 21.05.2006, geadsch wrote:
> >hi!
> >
> >i am using [pix_snap2tex] to take a snapshot of the gem-window and
> >texture it on a object.
> >
> >the current render buffer is textured immediately.
> >
> >is there a way to delay the texturing?
> >like delaying the gem-list somehow?
> you can't delay the gem-list the way you can delay normal messages.
> have a look at [pix_buffer], [pix_buffer_write], [pix_buffer_read] - that
> will help for what you want to do.

Those objects won't work with pix_snap2tex but they will work with
pix_snap.  pix_snap is not a high performance object since it reads back
from the graphics card - an expensive operation on commodity hardware.

There is no way to delay the texturing of pix_snap2tex since that object is
a wrapper for an OpenGL texturing call.  There is a way to copy to a texture
unit and not immediately display the results, but it is not as simple to do
in the Pd patcher as we (the GEM devs) would like.

Anyone interested in going beyond the usual drawing objects and pixel
filters in GEM is highly encouraged to pick up a copy of the OpenGL
'Redbook' to learn more about how GEM really works.
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