[PD] help on externals

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Tue May 23 16:53:44 CEST 2006


AshK wrote:

>Most of the time I use pd-extended on MacOS so I never bothered
>compiling externals or anything else.
>Now I have a problem because I'm using pd on Linux ppc (debian etch on
>a mac) and I need some externals. I couldn't find pd-extended for linux
>ppc and I'm not sure to understand, pd-extended only comes as run
>time / compiled version? there's no way to grab the sources and find an
>easy way to compile it for any platform?
>If not then I need to compile some externals myself. I already tried
>and got nothing but lots of errors. I first tried to compile grid from
>Yves Degoyen and got stuffs like "invalid use of undefined type
>xxxstruct _widgetbehaviour"... I think Yves' code is pretty clean,
>that must be a problem on my system.

mm, linux on ppc, yes i'm afraid you have to compile all.
when you compile externals, you need to indicate
the pd headers path to the makefile,
unfortunately, you have to do it by hand.

look the Makefile
and change :
LINUXINCLUDE = -I../../src

( change ../../src to the location of your pd sources. )


>So before going further I need to know if I can get pd extended to work
>on linux ppc or if I have to compile the externals myself, and if
>anybody knows some documentation about what I need to do on a fresh
>debian install to get the usual make, make install... to work properly.
>Thanks a lot and sorry if I'm a bit off topic with my compilation
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