[PD] grain patch producing clicks

dafydd hughes dafydd at sideshowmedia.ca
Tue May 23 16:47:43 CEST 2006

Hi Alexandre

Nice patch!  I've just been working on something very similar, but
yours is much classier.

Sorry this is coming so late...  I've only just got to this, but I
think I know what's going on...

It looks like a mismatch between envelope and sample reading.  The
clicks seem to happen because the amplitude envelope and the tabread4~
aren't synchronized.  What happens is the tabread object gets its new
starting position while the envelope is still in mid-grain.  The
solution is to make sure each voice is inactive before starting a new

David Golightly made a great granular delay line patch (I think based
on a paper by Ross Bencina) maybe a year and a bit ago which used a
scheduler to send info to each voice.  As I remember, the scheduler
kept track of which voices were playing and sent the messages to the
next available note.  Another way is to let the voice pass the message
to the next voice if it's already busy.

I hope this makes some sense.



On 5/15/06, Alexandre Matheson <amatheso at alcor.concordia.ca> wrote:
> Greetings list,
> I've been using pd for about a year now and I am still very nubian as
> all my dsp skills are self taught therefore very sloppy. I have built
> this granular synth abstraction that on some settings causes unwanted
> clicks. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get rid on them?
> I am using PD-0.39-2 on tiger with no externals.
> here is the patch
> alex
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