[PD] Fwd: Need help for motion tracking

Tomi Dufva tomidufva at mac.com
Tue May 23 23:47:44 CEST 2006

> Does anyone have good suggestions for this kind of problem:
> We are doing simple interactive sound installation for one gallery,  
> where webcam is used for motion tracking and then the tracked  
> values are  being used to trigger sounds and alter them. we are  
> using 4 speakers, and alltogether playing 2stereo files at most.
> Problems we have:
> 1.a good motion tracker patch, only one we have found is the one  
> example patch in gem. This is ok, but if anyone has better we are  
> happy to hear about it.
> 2. playing soundfiles, we are looking for a patch to play wav or  
> mp3 or aiff files where we could change the speed, etc. easily.
> 3. And then we are looking some interesting things to alter the  
> soundfiles. The soundfiles are rather long recordings of rain, so  
> normal sample players wont work.
> If you know some ideas we would be happy to hear about them! Thank  
> you!
> ps. we are using mac mini 1,25ghz wiht 1giga of ram and running os  
> x 10.4.6 and pd 0.39.2-extended test3

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