[PD] Why does PixelTANGO crash on Pd-extended 0.38 on Windows XP?

0001 0001 at ooo000ooo.org
Wed May 24 09:16:59 CEST 2006

> Now, if only we can get a GEM that plays AVI properly on windows, I  
> have a feeling it will never happen
> I wouldn't say never - but getting decent video performance and  
> stability out of Quicktime and DirectShow on Windows for what we  
> want to do is not the easiest task.

Hi. I've been working on a patch runing on a windows machine and I've  
had lots of dificulties with codecs.
My experience is that if you load several movies onto one pix_film  
object pd crashes sooner or later, be it quicktime or avi.
The only codec I've been able to use is the indeo (IR32) that  
homer.avi uses
With all the rest pix_film writes something like "new movie might  
crash ... survived" (until it does crash).

Has this been discussed before? Do you know if there's another codec  
that works?



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