[PD] Fwd: Need help for motion tracking

ydegoyon at free.fr ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed May 24 17:00:15 CEST 2006


pdp/pidip ( pdp_shape ) does motion tracking working with YUV components,
and you can disactivate the luminosity channel (Y)
so, the most important thing is in that case is
the control of contrasts and colors.


B. Bogart wrote:

>Usually you need to lock the iris/exposure of the camera, otherwise the
>thresholds you set for movement in software become largely useless. You
>may be able to set those things to a manual mode in the device
>settings... Obviously you also need to have full control of the lights
>so that it does not change...
>Other than that HCS is right here, don't expect much.

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