[PD] pd/java -shared composition

Bobby Whelan bobby at soundingbody.co.uk
Wed May 24 18:12:08 CEST 2006

Hi fellow Pd-ers!

firstly thanks to all who contribute to this list and make it
such a good read and a fantastic source of tips and ideas,
I have definitely learned a huge amount from reading this list!

I have recently been making what was intended to be an
Internet-based installation/shared composition. The idea
was to use a java applet written in Processing as the front-end
with a realtime Pd synthesis engine running in the browser with
the Pd browser Plugin.

At the moment I am having a lot of problems with the plugin -it
refuses to read any external files, eg samples, txt files, abstractions etc-
so I have made a semi-standalone version which definitely works on MacOSX
and also for Linux and Windows platforms (exported directly from Processing)
with the synthesis engine as a normal Pd patch. The only dependency is OSC.

I thought I'd share it with you to see what you think of the sound, 
design and
atmosphere of the project. Also if you had any  suggestions or found 
bugs I would
be very pleased to hear about it. (please ignore the current 
browser-based version,
it really is not working at all)

If you would like to check out the semi-standalone version, it can be 
downloaded from
as a .zip file.

thanks for reading,
hope you are all making cool digital sounds  :D

-bobby whelan.

(ps. if the audio starts to become distorted because of CPU on startup, 
body.txt and bodypd.txt, as they control how many instances of grains 
there are)

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