[PD] pdp colorchannels

metafor metafor at gmx.net
Thu May 25 16:24:26 CEST 2006

hi list

i work on project where i need to track color (pdp). is there a posibility to seperate color channels? then i could track redish, blueisch ... colors much easier. 

i had a look on pdp_cheby, but honestly i do not really get it. i think i could do it with this object but it would need hours of testing. and situation is depending of light i think. which is changing from place to place. but if this object would be it, does someone has a sample patch which let you see only colors with lot's of red, lot's of blue and so on...

so a bit less abstract i have a video image with different kind of colored blocks (red, green, blue, orange, violet, turquise) those block are constantly moving. i need to know if they passed certain tracking points. the tracking process works fine if the objects move slow, the faster they get the harder the colors are to seperate (shadows etc.) therefore it would be best to manipulate the videostream before trackingprocess. 

does someone know how i could manage to manipulate the colors of the videostream?

thanks a lot

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