[PD] pdp_xv watchdog when open a remote display

ciccolix ciccolix at tiscalinet.it
Fri May 26 10:40:30 CEST 2006

pdp run in a puredyne box P4 (live cd).
The P4 is connected with two computers:
1) mac-mini (running ubuntu ppc)
2) PIII (running slackware)

If, from P4 (puredyne) I do:
xterm -display <mac-mini-ipaddres>:0 &
xterm -display <PIII-ipaddres>:0 &

It work fine and a terminal-window appear in the two remote computers, but

If from P4 (puredyne), running pdp, I do:

|display <PIII-ipaddres>:0(

it work fine, I see the pdp window in PIII monitor !
If I do (from the same patch):

|display <mac-mini-ipaddres>:0(

it don't work, a infinite "watchdog: signaling pd.." appear in console 
and I can close pd only with control-alt+canc.

Thanks for any help

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