[PD] Re: [PD-announce] PWM in Pd

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri May 26 22:29:46 CEST 2006

On May 26, 2006, at 5:29 PM, Martin Peach wrote:

> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> Aliasing is not so relevant for the quick and dirty PWM control   
>> signal.  But it would be nice to have a clean signal.  I suppose  
>> I  should put a low pass to prevent that.
>> Or does someone have a better algorithm for a bandwidth limited PWM?
> I'm thinking of an object that uses something like a tanh curve  
> output at the desired frequency.
> (http://www.mathworks.com/access/helpdesk/help/techdoc/ref/tanh.html)
> Something based on osc~, it would have inputs for frequency, phase,  
> pulsewidth and bandwidth; has that been done yet?

No it hasn't AFAIK.  It would be nice to have.



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