[PD] Hyper-Threading on PD

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Mon May 29 19:35:51 CEST 2006

On Mon, 2006-05-29 at 10:09 -0700, Renato Fabbri wrote:
> But, when using PD with the smp kernel and watching a
> system monitor, all I see is both processors
> alternating on the tasks making some quasi-quadratic
> envelopes from zero up, with overlapping.
> Where is the system splitting the tasks here??

not sure ... possibly after sleeping, the pd process will be moved to
another processor ...

> So, Tim, your advice is to use a non smp kernel and
> desable hyper-threading at bios setup? 

i guess, it's no problem to run an smp kernel, but you should disable
the only exception would be to run two instances of pd, with a similar
cpu load, running on top of a jackdmp server ... 


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