[PD] "OuterSpace" - an ambient sound generator for PD

alberto.zin at poste.it alberto.zin at poste.it
Tue May 30 14:07:45 CEST 2006

Hi all, 

thanks for trying OuterSpace and for the precious tips. JN 
(paris), good to know that OS is working on Mac Tiger..

For Andy: in order to get it working without eating cpu 
from the beginning you can do the following:

1) clik on "preset" on the main gui
2) edit the first message and set "polyphony" to 10 (or 
any number that you think will not freeze the CPU) instead 
of 96; this is the starting preset that loads on opening 
the patch. Save it.
3) restart the patch (no more cpu issues now) and raise 
(slowly!) the "Fr spacing": this will let let you hearing 
the high frequencies but with less voices.. (OT: Of course 
I played Half Life, but I prefer the good old square waves 
of Mame :)

Derek, since for me it is mostly learning, could you 
please post your version of "panner" with the 
interpolations? It is exactly what I tried to do...

I'll try to include all your comment in a future v1.0..

Happy OuterSpacing :-)

Alberto Zin

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