[PD] [OT?] Debian+Jack+Firebox+Pd = Bummer

Myo myosrcgz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 06:55:02 CEST 2007

Hello list,

Sorry if this is too OT, but I think some people here might have/had the
same problem.

The recipe for fun is as follows:

12" Powerbook G4 1.33ghz
Presonus firebox
Debian testing/Lenny kernel compiled for low latency
Jack 0.103.0-6
Hans' Pd-extended 0.39.2-rc5

So far I have managed to get the firebox recognized by jack using Freebob.
When I start Jack, the Firebox's light turns blue, and it shows up in the
patch window. When I start Pd, I can set it to use Jack as it's interface,
and Pd, too, shows up in the patch window.

This sounds like it's working fine, but when I try to open a patch or turn
on the DSP in Pd, it hangs indefinitely until I killall pd. Then of course
Jack freaks out, and I have to killall jackd too.

I should point out that Pd works fine without Jack, using OSS and the
onboard soundcard, but not with ALSA. Starting jack with ALSA and the
onboard card gives me A/D/A sync errors.

I hope that somebody here can help out. I'm not a total nub, but this has me
stumped. Google's and forum's have turned up no useful info.

Thanks alot,

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