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Ok. So, there is not really an external to do what I want. :(

Thank you for your answer :)


2007/9/30, Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org>:
> Hallo,
> Mysth-R hat gesagt: // Mysth-R wrote:
> > In pd I just use a counter to generate a regular signal (bang)
> > Is there a way to send or receive a signal that I could transform in bpm
> in
> You can send any message with OSC like "/system/bpm 120" or
> "/system/beat kaboom" or whatever. With midi, you could either simply
> reserve a certain note on a certain channel for this, or define a
> certain controller to be the "speed" or "bpm" controller. You could
> even use an audio signal for synchronization, e.g. a click
> signal or a [phasor~].
> Anyway, on the Pd side you're totally free to use whatever as a
> bpm/beat counter/trigger/controller. It's likely that the software on
> the other end is more restrictive, so probably your Pd patch will need
> to adapt to whatever Ardour, seq24 etc. are expecting to control their
> tempo.
> Ciao
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