[PD] About [pdp_qt~]: what's the native audio compression?

ydegoyon at free.fr ydegoyon at free.fr
Tue Oct 2 18:55:14 CEST 2007


> What is the native audio compression for [pdp_qt~] ?
> I'm making some probes with this object and when the video comes with these
compressions: twos complement, unsigned, IMA-4, U-Law or OGG Vorbis puredata
there is sound but puredata says "pdp_qt~:error decoding audio". And when the
video comes with mp3 or mpg-4 compression there is no sound.
'twos' or 'raw' should work,
all depends on your libquicktime library
and how it has been compiled..

none of them work for you?

also, as i'm a bit tired of libquicktime,
and if you have a powerfukl machine,
you can try to work only with theora...


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