[PD] timestretching for slicer

martin brinkmann mnb at martin-brinkmann.de
Wed Oct 3 20:22:08 CEST 2007

a while ago i have built a little, 'quick and dumb' beatloop
which uses not exactly the same techniques used in live (it is
missing the tempo-warp-stuff), but does basicly the same thing as 
reaktor and acid do. without any analysis though, so
transients are not taken into acount. i have built this one because
i was unhappy whith the soundquality of a 'rockafella'-based
aproach, at least when using percussive loops.

in short it is: cut a loop into 1/16 (or whatever)
slices, and trigger these slices on every 1/16.

sounds not much worse then live (1.x), within
a reasonable tempo range.

i think live uses quite a similar method in its 'beat-mode'.
maybe with a little sample-analysis for finding ideal (or at
least better) start- and loop points (instead of just
playing on) for the 'grains'. 'warping' could possibly be
implemented with a variable bpm...

the other live-modes are probably something similar to
the 'rockafella'-method, and something 'graincloud'-like
('texture'-mode). newer versions of live include also a
frequency-domain based method, but i have not yet heard
this one.

since it is not very big, i hope it is ok to
attach the patch. (sorry, a little messy as
usual ;-))

bis denn!
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