[PD] Tk GUI script (pd.tk) questions ..

ild0012 at londonmet.ac.uk ild0012 at londonmet.ac.uk
Thu Oct 4 07:31:39 CEST 2007

Hello list.

I'd like to ask those of you who knows Tk/Tcl very well.

I have attempted and succeed changing pd.tk for my personal use ..

i added extra key biddings and removed menubars ..
well, Romain gave me the no-scroll + no-menu script

i have few thoughts ..

if we could set the menu as function, so it could be removable by a msg ..?

may be the window list needs some improvments .. if it could be kept
separately from the .m.windows , so removing the whole bock of code with
menubar related stuff if pd_menubar==0 could be better then just
removing some of bits of it ..

regrding fonts, i have set most of them to 'clean',
which give a pretty looking gui ..

may be they could be set by variables in a separate config file ?

i feel like i can most of these modifications myself ..
without getting extra complexity like in  Mathieu's desiredata ..

the question is, how can such kind of enhanchements affect the
perfomance ?

could some extra variables take extra bits of memory ?
how efficient Tk/Tcl is ? ..so people on IRC channel #dataflow
complained a lot , that Tk is not very fast etc...

setting leyboard biddings i added more the 10 extra conditional
statements ..i thoght that getting any keyborad events Tk will have to
run trough some more stuff in order to send something to pd, isn't it?
or Tk has a way of super-super-fast scan trough all that?

thanks for attention,
ilya .d

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