[PD] Writing down a midi file in PD

Ice Cube icecube2112 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 4 19:30:25 CEST 2007

I´m making a little PD project that generates algorithmic music using midi objects like noteout and makenote. My problem is that I need to record all this midi info being generated by the PD (like pitch of the notes and it's durations and etc) in a midi file, so I can handle this info later in another program (like Finale). I have some experience in MAX/MSP, and in this program, it's very simple to do that: just use an object called "SEQ". This object writes down a complete midi file with all midi information being produced in the project. I've spend many hours looking around PD trying to find out an object that suit my needs, but without sucess.
I'm a composer, and for my needs, it's extremely important that I can write down midi info, especially because I can edit this info later in a program like Finale and generate a "human friendly" score that any musician can understand.
Anyone can help me? Any advice?
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