[PD] Tk GUI script (pd.tk) questions ..

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Oct 5 17:48:30 CEST 2007

On Oct 4, 2007, at 10:22 AM, sven wrote:

> seems like the first mail didnt get trough.
> here it is again.
> At 07:31 04.10.2007, ild0012 at londonmet.ac.uk wrote:
>> Hello list.
>> I'd like to ask those of you who knows Tk/Tcl very well.
>> I have attempted and succeed changing pd.tk for my personal use ..
>> i added extra key biddings and removed menubars ..
>> well, Romain gave me the no-scroll + no-menu script
>> i have few thoughts ..
>> if we could set the menu as function, so it could be removable by  
>> a msg ..?
> i've hacked the pd.tk for pd0.40 (millers) a while ago to remove  
> borders, scrollbars and menus
> via the contextmenu (rightclick).
> it's not finished because it's already enough for what i needed  
> (and i hate tcl).
> but maybe it's use for you.
> http://www.popmodernism.org/crap/pd.tk
> sven.

It probably wouldn't be too much extra work to make this an option.   
Then if you make it a diff -uw patch, it could be included in Pd- 
extended quite easily, as long as it doesn't break anything else.

If all the changes were wrapped up into one function, or something  
like that.  At the most basic level there could be a configuration  
option in the pd.tk to enable/disable it.  Or it could be a menu  
item, like edit mode.




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