[PD] next conv in Brasil... meaning business

PORRES mentalosmosis at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 5 23:14:19 CEST 2007

we are coming up with a national list on it:

pd-eventos-regionais at googlegroups.com

please join, and so do other brasileiros and invite other people...

I am pointing to Sao Paulo :)

i think if we come up with a reasonable proposal, it can be decided to be here...


Luiz Naveda <lab.naveda at gmail.com> wrote: Hey Everybody,

Sorry for the late reply.

I really would like to work to a PD conference in Brazil. 

I am from Belo Horizonte (UEMG-UFMG-FUMEC) and my background is music performance, analysis, acoustics psychoacoustics, mediation technology, guitar, PD, Eyesweb, origami arquitecture... I love Macs, I work in a PC...I love PD but I work also with Matlab... I love Samba but I am working in the academic world... 
It is difficult this task to be subversive into the enemy's field ! 8-)

I have experience with projects in Brazil (FAPEMIG, FINEP, research) and I can help with contacts, writing the project, finding money and support.  I worked also in projects related with music education content for computer aided education and I know what the funding agencies want to read.... 

Let's be practical:

(We can put subjects like free software, 3rd world and information, art/show/science/resistance actions into the conference timetable!)

Who decides where will be the conference? 
What we have to provide in order to be a serious option?
Who is pointing to São Paulo (must be there?)?
Where is the PD community of Brazil?
Who are the Brazilians or Pd users active in this proposition? We need a specific list. 



On 9/10/07, Ed Kelly <morph_2016 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: Hey alex, good to see you in Montreal,

I think the small things happen all the time, at least that's what we strive for I hope. Meanwhile, the big thing can happen too in 2009. One thing I think would be a really good idea is if there is some kind of map around when things happen - the conferences always happen at about the same time every year. I've been at the ICMC twice now and I intend to go again, but that's always the last week of August or first week of September (for example). 

Really, conferences are far too short -- and busy. If we can find a two-week window in the international conference schedule (ISMIR. ICMC. Pris Ars Electronica, NIME etc) then we could do it then.

Balancing this, those of us who have academic commitments need the summer to finalize our work, often, so maybe late July/Early August would be a good time? 

But---this is two years away. We still need to be precise about it though, because funding agencies are keen to have  timetables/schedules etc.

And I was gutted I didn't go to the party...but I'd love to see you all in Sao Paulo in two years time...


PORRES < mentalosmosis at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> If it is a problem to get university support

Is actually the opposite. I Believe we could get much more involvement and fundings from it here in Brasil! :)

> You don't need to have the developers, you 
> need people who stick together

Sure, Cool... And as I said, it's nice to have some local meetings before an international one... and the goal must be gathering people! Users, whatever... like you described.

 > It's better to organise the schedule so that 
> people organised in one thing aren't likely 
> to be
 interested in the other thing that 
> happens at the same time
hmmm, yeah, the event in Montreal could be much longer if things werent all at the same time... 

We could have here a longer event. If it is "smaller", things could be not simultaneous... one way or another, there should be plenty space and material

 for a Convention here...

alexandre torres porres


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