[PD] using fiddle~ ?

robbert van hulzen robbert at nocount.org
Sun Oct 7 11:08:35 CEST 2007

hmmm "proper frequencies", eh? after all this talk of undoing the midi
revolution, would'nt it be about time to undo the equal tempered revolution?
but really, fb's answer made me wonder to what extent [mtof] rounds its
incoming numbers. according to the helpfile, "you can specify microtonal
pitches as in "69.5" (a quarter tone higher than 69)".
in my experience, changes up to the 2nd decimal result in a different pitch
(midi note 60 gives 261.6 while 59.99 gives 261.4)--beyond uncle
christiaan's wettest dreams, i'd imagine.
but does anyone have any idea how this works with [fiddle~]? does this mean
it detunes slightly, and more so if one (for a reason i can't really think
of yet) would make a chain of [fiddle~]s/[mtof]/[fiddle~]s/[mtof]/ etc?

cheers, robbert

Frank Barknecht wrote:

> midi-like in the sense, that you can get
> values between integers as well, bot just integers from 0-127. [mtof]
> handles this just fine and converts them to proper frequencies.

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