[PD] timestretching for slicer

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Sun Oct 7 23:16:13 CEST 2007

Hi Ken,

Ken Restivo wrote:

> Do you mean the "unauthorized" grid plugin?
> If it is "unauthorized", should I be using it? 

"Unauthorized" just means that the author is more than a bit of an 
anarchist who does not recognize "authority". So it depends on your 
attitude towards authority.

> Is there something wrong with it? 

Nothing that I know of. It's worked fine for me for years. If you're 
using Windows, it might be a bit harder to get a hold of (again, issues 
with "authority"), but as far as I know it's in PD-Extended.

> Are there licensing issues?

Ahhh... this depends on who you ask. But in this case I recommend the 
list archives, since a summary would only bring up the worst in some 
rather intense personality clashes we've seen lately. Keywords "PiDiP" + 


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