[PD] translations for pdpedia templates (French)

Jérôme Abel abel.jerome at free.fr
Mon Oct 8 13:03:26 CEST 2007


I didn't see a french translation for pdpedia, so I tried it.

I think it's useful to link some terms to English terms because Pure data is
written in english. For Exemple, inlet is "entrée". For French users we need the
both terms. It would be better if the both terms appear together on the french

I didn't understand if we translate english pages to French or do what we want
to do (organisation of Home pages, categories, etc...). If we follow english, we
need to access to the last version easily form French pages, no ? If we have to
verify the last version each time it's quite boring, no ?

What a SysOp have to do ? May be I can do the job.

#Traduction pdpedia en discussion

# wikipedia terms
$stub = ""; # Je ne sais pas à quoi ça peut correspondre
$template = "Gabarit"; #Je ne sais pas ... Template est aussi utilisé
$category = "Catégorie";
$infobox = "Informations"; # A vérifier aussi

# pdpedia terms
$objectclass = "Classe d'objets";

# page headers
$inlets = "Entrées";
$outlets = "Sorties";
$arguments = "Arguments";
$messages = "Messages";

# infobox
$name = "Nom";
$description = "Description";
$abbreviation = "Abbréviation";
$library = "Bibliothèque"; # "Librairy" est utilisé non ?
$author = "Auteur";
$developer = "Développeur";
$releaseVersion = "Version"; # "Nouvelle version" ?
$releaseDate = "Date";
$dependencies = "Dépendances";
$license = "Licence";
$website = "Site Web";
$programmingLanguage = "Langage de programmation";
$platform = "Plate-forme";
$operatingSystem = "Système d'exploitation";
$language = "Langage";
$dataType = "Type de données";
$distributions = "Distributions";

$status = "État";
$example image = "Image d'exemple";
$caption = "Légende";
$language = "Langage";
$helppatch name = "Nom du patch d'aide";
$cpu use index = "Utilisation du processeur";

Jérôme Abel

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