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On 10/8/07, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:
> Thomas Mayer wrote:
> >> Understandable, but that's not sexism.
> >> And I have heard these terms from the mouths of women many, many times.
> how does the fact that a group of people uses certain phrases prove that
> these phrases are not symptoms (or means) of oppression of this very
> group?

Did I say anything about proving something?

The fact that using those two particular phrases is not sexism is evident by
the meanings of the phrases and the definition of sexism.  Only one of the
phrases mentioned makes any differentiation between the sexes, and it
describes a solitary act irrelevant to any relationship between the sexes.
If there is sexism on this mailing list, it isn't evidenced by the presence
of those two phrases.

Pointing out that many women use those phrases was a response to the
supposition that those phrases explain the absence of women from this
mailing list.  It was not intended to support the statement that the use of
these phrases is not sexism; that much should be self-evident.  I would not
try to prove something using anecdotal observations.

I'm surprised anyone would think there's sexism on this list.  I don't even
know what sex most of the posters are.  I've never seen the subject of sex
or gender come up before.


> > Wet dream can also relate to the dreams of water on Dune by Paul
> > Atreides and gang bang can mean [t b b b b b b]
> indeed this is possible.
> these phrases could also be not english at all and mean something like
> "bubo bubo" and "forgive".
> mfg.asdr
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