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Addendum - a quick Gmail search turned up one use of "gang bang" which was
quoted in response a few times; it was in the thread "[Pd]
pd-competition?".  I'm not exactly sure what it was referring to.  I suspect
it was a play on the word 'bang'.

Another quick Gmail search turned up one use of "wet dream", but now that I
look that was actually in the Nosi-discussion list.  It was, coincidentally,
a comment made by a woman, one of the most active people in NOSI.

All I can guess is that this thread was started as a troll, or perhaps
accidentally posted to the wrong list.


On 10/8/07, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:
> Thomas Mayer wrote:
> >> Understandable, but that's not sexism.
> >> And I have heard these terms from the mouths of women many, many times.
> how does the fact that a group of people uses certain phrases prove that
> these phrases are not symptoms (or means) of oppression of this very
> group?
> >
> > Wet dream can also relate to the dreams of water on Dune by Paul
> > Atreides and gang bang can mean [t b b b b b b]
> indeed this is possible.
> these phrases could also be not english at all and mean something like
> "bubo bubo" and "forgive".
> mfg.asdr
> IOhannes
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