[PD] representning classes and selectors in the wiki

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 15:30:36 CEST 2007

it turned out to be easier to drop it (at least for the beginning - it 
still can be implemented with redirects).
the double entries will be distinguished by disambiguation pages and the 
myobject_(mylibrary) scheme. here is a list of candidates for 
disambiguation pages (so far). has to be done menually...
not mentioned are the object that appear in flatspace and another library...


<~    cyclone    (signal smaller than) (cyclone)
<~    zexy    (signal smaller than) (zexy)
 >~    cyclone    (signal greater than) (cyclone)
 >~    zexy    (signal greater than) (zexy)
==~    cyclone    ==~ (cyclone)
==~    zexy    ==~
abs~    markex    abs~ (markex)
abs~    zexy    abs~ (zexy)
abs~    creb    abs~ (creb)
atan2~    ggee    atan2~ (ggee)
atan2~    cyclone (sickle)    atan2~ (cyclone)
average    maxlib    average (maxlib)
average    markex    average (markex)
avg~    cyclone (sickle)    avg~ (cyclone)
avg~    zexy    avg~ (zexy)
borax    maxlib    borax (maxlib)
Borax    cyclone (hammer)    Borax (cyclone)
change    vanilla    change (vanilla)
change    markex    change (markex)
clip    vanilla    clip (vanilla)
Clip    cyclone (hammer)    Clip (cyclone)
clip~    vanilla    clip~ (vanilla)
Clip~    cyclone (sickle)    Clip~ (cyclone)
counter    cyclone (hammer)    counter (cyclone)
counter    markex    counter (markex)
gate    iemlib    gate (iemlib)
gate    cyclone (hammer)    gate (cyclone)
line~    vanilla    line~ (vanilla)
Line~    cyclone (sickle)    Line~ (cyclone)
mean    cyclone (hammer)    mean (cyclone)
mean    zexy    mean (zexy)
prob    mjlib    prob (mjlib)
prob    cyclone (hammer)    prob (cyclone)
reson~    cyclone (sickle)    reson~ (cyclone)
reson~    markex    reson~ (markex)
scale    maxlib    scale (maxlib)
scale    gem    scale (gem)
Scope~    cyclone (sickle)    Scope~ (cyclone)
scope~     vanilla    scope~ (vanilla)
sinh    ggee    sinh (ggee)
sinh    cyclone (hammer)    sinh (cyclone)
Snapshot~    cyclone (sickle)    Snapshot~ (cyclone)
snapshot~    vanilla    snapshot~ (snapshot)
speedlim    cyclone (hammer)    speedlim (cyclone)
speedlim    maxlib    speedlim (maxlib)
speedlim    iemlib    speedlim (iemlib)
split    maxlib    split (maxlib)
split    cyclone (hammer)    split (cyclone)
split    iemlib    split (iemlib)
urn    maxlib    urn (maxlib)
urn    cyclone (hammer)    urn (cyclone)
urn    zexy    urn (zexy)

IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> - like roman said, I think that all things Pd are welcome in the  
>> pdpedia.  Libraries that are not in Pd-extended should follow the  
>> same naming scheme, i.e. mylibrary/myobject.
> what happened to this scheme?
> has it just been forgotten at the import process, or has it been 
> deprecated in favour of myobject_(mylibrary)?
> and how can i find the different counters?
> mfga.dsr
> IOhannes

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